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  • 10/26/2008

Life and our fondness for ourselves


I love the earth, heaven and the galaxy, Rainbows, the warm sun and all His Mercy,


I love rainy clouds, Gathered over the mounts, The moon and the green fields, Full of yellow and red tulips!


All the good people in the world, Those who laugh and hope to the Lord,

All the lovers with their true love, Butterflies and their hidden love,


 All the sweet and sour pains, All moms with their loving rains,


Their pure hearts and virgin tears, Warm hands, gleam in eyes of theirs,


Their words of honesty, And acts of sincerity!


I really love in large part, All residents of lovers’ heart!


I love kids, all their ingenious mischief, Their laughs, secrets, pure sense and belief,


 Their nice kites, their tiny hands, Their honesty and all their lands,


 Their trust free of hesitation, Their outlooks free of deception!


I love the shadows of the pine trees, The weeping willows and their leaves,

 The cypress trees and their slenderness, All the palms and their straightness!

I love the charm of beloved ones indeed, And all their aimless heartbreaking deeds,

 Their break and early reconciliations, Their ardent love and their emotions,

 Their hellos and their goodbyes, Their laughs as well as their cries,


 Their endless words, And restless hearts!


I love Leili as well as Majnun, I love Khosrow as well as Shirin,


 I love Shirin as well as Farhad, Aye, Ali as well as his God,


 I love me as well as my God, All lovers as well as beloved!


Ah, yea, I bear in my mind, I love Him from the bottom of my heart,


By day and night, In weakness and might, And not in a dart!



I love my Lord, And don’t get bored,


 Praise Him in a word, Wherever and ever in the world.

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