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Islands, Hormozgan


Abumoosa Island, Bandar Lengeh 

 This island is located at a distance of 222 km. from Bandar Abbas and 75 km. from Bandar Lengeh. Its length and width is approximately 4.5 km. with an area of 2.2 sq. km. and at a height of 46 m. above sea-level. This island is comparatively warm in respect to its surroundings and has a warm and humid climate. The center of this island is the city of Abumoosa. 

Hormoz Island, Bandar Abbas 

 The same lies like an oyster shell amidst the waters of the Persian Gulf, covering an area of 41.9 sq. km. Hormoz Island is located to the southeast of Bandar Abbas and lies within 10 nautical miles from it. 

Kish Island, Bandar Abbas 

 Kish Island (economic free zone) is located in the Persian Gulf waters, to the southwest of Bandar Abbas, and is an oval shaped island with an area of 89.7 sq. km. It has a length and width of 15.6 and 7 km. respectively. Its center for cultured pearls and large aquariums are one of the attractions of this island. Besides which its strand offers scope for other leisure such as a round in a glass-bottom boat, water skiing and scuba diving (with the aid of a guide). Shopping arcades prove interesting places and so too other recreational areas. 



Qeshm Island, Qeshm 

 This island lies to the north of Hormoz Strait, its length being 115 km. and its width ranging from 10-35 km. The city of Qeshm is its center, the same being in the northeast of this island with an area of 3 sq. km. and at an elevation of 10 m. above sea-level. The island is situated at a distance of 1,353 km. from Tehran and 12 nautical miles from the main land. Climatically it has one long warm and humid season, and a shorter moderate one. Its rocky coastal areas are favored by crabs and lobsters. Besides which, its forested vicinities such as Harrah (mangroves) Protected Area located between the north of the island and Bandar Khamir are wonderful sights to visit.


Other Islands, Hormozgan 

 The other islands of Hormozgan province are named as, Lavan, Hindorabi, Shatvar, Larak, Hengam, Tonb-e-Bozorg and Tonb-e-Kuchak, Siri, Foroor-e-Bozorg and Foroor-e-Kuchak. 

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