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Imam Ali's Ziyarat

Imam Ali  Ali-Ibn-Abitaleb Amir-ul-mu'minin

After entering into the courtyard say: Praise be to Allah who honoured me with insight in the divine matters concerning Him and His Messenger, and prescribed for me obedience unto Him as a duty, an act of mercy from Him to me, a recurring bounty from Him for me, and choose me to have faith in Him. Praise be to Allah who brought me to the sacred resting place of His Messenger's brother,

a destination which gives me comfort. Praise be to Allah who allowed me to be among the "Zawwaar" (visitors) of His Messenger's successor. I bear witness that there is no god save Allah, the, One who has not taken any partner, and I bear witness that Muhammad, His bondman and Messenger, had come with truth from Him, and I bear witness that Ali, the brother of the Messenger of Allah, is also His bondman. Allah is the Greatest! Allah is the Greatest! Allah is the Greatest! There is no god save Allah. Allah is the Greatest, Praise be to Allah, for the guidance and direction every one seeks from His "necessary connection" O Allah Thou art the most desired real aim, that most generous Welcomer unto whom one can go to seek nearness,

I have come near Thee to seek Thy nearness, in the name of Thy Prophet, the Prophet of mercy,

and in the name of his brother, Ameeril Moomineen Ali ibna abi Talib, peace be on them,

send blessings on Muhammad and on the children of Muhammad, let not my effort go waste,

treat me mercifully, promote my interests, make me honoured and respected

in this world and in the Hereafter, and let me be among the favourites.

Imam Ali  Ali-Ibn-Abitaleb Amir-ul-mu'minin


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