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The Prophet of God and Fâtemeh…

lady fatima


The proper prayer before sleep:

Fatimah is known to have recounted this interesting true story: “One day, as I was preparing myself to sleep, suddenly I saw my father entering our room. He said:" My beloved daughter! Never sleep at night, unless you have accomplished four things…!

First, you have to read your Quran from the beginning to end, and then you have to ask for the great Prophets of God to intercede in your favour after your death.

The third thing you should remember is that you have to make all the faithful believers happy and pleased with you.

And finally, you have to go to Mecca, and accomplish the Pilgrimage of Hajj [Tamato and Umrah].’

Fatimah said:’ After having said that, my father began to perform his prayer, and I had to wait until he finished his prayer to ask more information from him.

I said most confused:’ O Messenger of God! You have ordered me to do four things before sleep… But beloved father, I cannot see myself executing such things! I am unable to accomplish them at this late hour! ‘

The Prophet smiled graciously and answered:’ If you say three times the ‘Ikhlas’ sourate, it"s as though you have read the Holy Ouran from the beginning to end. If you say greetings and salutations to me and to the other great Prophets, you make us intercede in your favour. If you pray for the faithful believers, you have made them happy and content. And at last, if you say ‘Sobhan Allah’, valhamdollellahe, vala elaha ellallahe’ vallaho Akbar… ‘It’s as though you have accomplished the Pilgrimage of Hajj…’

The best gift in the world!

the name of hazrat fatimah

Fatimah also has recounted that once, she went to see her beloved father, to ask for a maid, so that she could do the house chores with her help.

Our Prophet asked her:’ Do you wish me, to instruct you of something much more valuable than these worldly things? ‘And then he added:’ When you go to bed, always remember to say 34 times’ Allaho Akbar ‘, 33 times ‘Alhamdollellah ‘, 33 times’ Sobhanallah ‘.

This is much better than anything in this world for you! My beloved daughter, Are you happy now, ‘that I have taught you this precious prayer?’

And Fatimah had replied:’ Yes father, I am much obliged and I thank you! ‘

Greetings to Fatimah

Fatimah is known to have said:’ My father, when he was alive once had told me:’ If anyone greets me or you three times in one day, he or she shall enter the Paradise. ‘

Somebody had asked:’ O beloved Prophet! While you are still alive, or even after your death?’

He had replied:’ Not only in my lifetime, but also after my death. ‘And Ali had heard from Fatimah that her father had announced that anyone who greets and salutes him or Fatimah shall undoubtedly enter the Paradise.

Ali as the Savior of people

flower with the name of hazrat fatimah

Fatimah is known to have said:’ My beloved father had said: O Ali! You are truly a benefactor of the Paradise! It’s you who will knock on the Gate of the paradise, and without counting, shall let the people who love you and your family, enter the Paradise...!

Source:Farideh Mahadavi-Damghani

August 2001 (from Tir Publishing)

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