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  • 4/26/2014

Barbie; a Long Story

barbie doll

Making models is a great part of education, so how successful we have been in choosing toys for our children?

Is there a proper alternative for the commonly used Barbie dolls?

How does American culture and American women get into our homes through Barbie dolls?

Speaking of different ways and levels of effects the dolls and animation personalities and most importantly the Barbie dolls have on the personality and behavior of our children may seem an old and repetitive subject but only a look at toy shops suffices to warn us how some suspicious hands silently utilize the unawareness of parents to provide our next generation with improper models and education.

This is where a great need for better education of Muslim families about that subject is felt. Though the creation and main goals of Barbie should particularly be discussed due to its central role among other dolls (that is why it has played the role of common toy for girls for over fifty years); however, the discussion should also include other personalities in dolls, stories, films, cartoons, and even video games.

Translated by: Sadroddin Musawi

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