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Department of Islamic Studies at Preston University Ajman


After establishing an Islamic Studies Department in fall 2002, Preston University began offering a Bachelor of Islamic Studies Program (BAIS) in English. The BAIS Program is a degree designed to provide students with Islamic social, technical and academic competence needed to participate effectively in the global community. It involves a focused study in the various branches of Islamic knowledge in order to pave the way for practical applications of Islamic research and solutions to current issues.

BAIS students and Staff, who come fromUSA,Canada, Britain, Scotland, Philippines, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Ghana, Kenya and Nigeria, are united under the Umbrella of Islam. Their common purpose is to gain Islamic knowledge in detail, put it into practice in their day-to-day life and to present the correct image of Islam through various media channels and to work for the betterment of the Muslim Ummah and the world community at large.

The mission of Islamic Studies Department of Preston University Ajman is to offer students an Islamically interactive and creative academic environment and provide them with sound educational opportunities of the highest quality based on the Qur'an and Sunnah at an affordable cost to help them succeed and prosper in both this world and the next.

The main objective of the Department of Islamic Studies is to offer students the opportunity for personal spiritual growth and development and Islamic knowledge enhancement for the development of well-rounded Muslim personalities capable of contributing positively to their own communities as well as the Muslim Ummah and the world community. It is essentially geared towards enabling Muslims to fulfill the prophetic command: "Seeking knowledge is compulsory for every Muslim", and achieve the prophetic promise: "Allah will make the path to paradise easy for whoever sets out on a path seeking knowledge."

Preston University Ajman offers American degree programs in affiliation with Preston University, USA, thus providing an option for students to earn an American degree, while studying and completing the program entirely in the UAE. Preston University, USA, is approved and licensed by the Wyoming State Department of Education, USA, under the status W.S 21-2-401 through 21-2-407, and is authorized to grant associate, Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral degrees. The degrees of Preston University, USA are recognized and accepted by almost all private sector organizations. The degrees are also recognized worldwide for jobs in all types of organizations. On an individual basis most universities worldwide acceptPreston degrees and credits for further higher education.

Future Plans

MAIS (Masters of Arts in Islamic Studies)

The department plans to add a Masters program by the time that the first batch of students graduate in 2005. It will also be modeled after the MA program at Madeenah University according to American educational requirements. Some of the courses will be completely in Arabic while others will be in English.

Students who already have B.A.s in other fields will be required to do an entrance examination covering the Usul of 'Aqidah, Tafsir, Hadith, and Fiqh, as well as Arabic grammar and syntax. They have the option to take the relevant courses as they are being offered in the department's B.A. program and passes in them will excuse them from the entrance exam

Department Library

The Islamic Studies Department has its own library accessible to all students in the program. The English section contains most of the authentic texts which are currently available in the market as well as many reference works not normally accessible. It also contains other reference works like the Encyclopedia Britannica, etc. The Arabic section contains the major classics and reference works of 'Aqidah, Tafsir, Hadith, 'Ulum al-Hadith, Fiqh, Usul al-Fiqh, Sirah, History, and Arabic Grammar. Reference CDs in both English and Arabic are available for research. It also has an audio and video section in which lectures of leading scholars are available for listening, viewing and borrowing. The department library has computers for with a dedicated internet line for further student research. There are a total of 1750 English Islamic books and approximately 500 Arabic books in the department library.

Faculty Members

Dr. Wasim Ahmad: PhD Islamic Studies, Hamdard University (India)
Dr. Fahmeeda ‘Abdul Hameed: PhD Islamic Studies, University of Wales (UK)
Mr. Izzuddin Yusuf: MBA, Preston University Ajman (UAE)
Ms. Asiya Madani: MA Islamic Studies, Punjab University (Pakistan)
Ms. Dana Bader: MA English Language & Lit., Louisiana Tech. University (USA)
Dr. Muhammad Amin Tawfeeq: PhD Arabic Literature, Manchester University (UK)
Dr. Abdel Fattah Muhammad Farah: PhD Economics, Umm Durman Islamic University (Sudan)
Shaikh Riaz Ansary : BA Sharee‘ah, Islamic University of al-Madeenah (KSA)
Mr. Abdul Majeed Ali Hasan: MA Islamic Studies, Osmania University (India)
Mr. Anwar Abdullah Ibrahim: BA Arabic Lang., Al-Azhar University (Egypt)

Contact Us

Postal Address
Islamic Studies Department
Preston UniversityAjman
P.O.Box 20488, Ajman
United Arab Emirates
Tel:    971(6)   742 4445
Fax:   971(6)   742 4446
Mob:  971(50) 536 3235
Email: waseem@islamicstudiespu.com

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