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A Selective Bibliography of Hadith Studies



, 'Ali b. 'Umar (d. 385/955),al-Sunan, 4 volumes, Cairo.Also: Ed. Shams al-Haqq 'Azimabadi,Delhi, n.d.---,Kitab al-Tatabbu'
Argues for the weakness of 78 hadiths inBukhari, 100 inMuslim, and 32 in both based onisnad andmatn criticism. -BS


, `Abdullah b. `Abdur Rahman (d. 255/869?),[Kitab] as-Sunan, ed. 'Abdallah Hashim Yamani al-Madani, 2 vols., Cairo, 1386/1966. Also: ed. M.A. Dahman in 2 vols, Damascus, 1349.This book is amusannaf which is also calledal-Musnad al-Jami'. It contains 1363 hadiths plus comments on the narrators and on legal points. -BS


, Shams al-Din Muhammad b. 'Ali b. 'Uthman (d. 748/1274-1348)Mizân al-i'tidâl fî naqd al-rijâl, 3 vols., Cairo: Matba'at al-Sa'ada, 1325/1907. Also: Ed. by 'A. M. al-Baghawi, 4 vols., Cairo: 'Isa al-Babi al-Halabi, 1963-64.---,Kitab tadhkirat' ul-huffaz, 4 vols., ed. by the [Osmanic Oriental Publications] Bureau from the Meccan Library ms. under the auspices of the Ministry of Education, Government of India. [3d ed., rev.].Hyderabad, Dairatu' l-Ma'arif-il-Osmania, 1955-58.

---,Siyar al-a'lam al-nubala', 25 vols., General editor, Shu'ayb al-Arna'ut,Beirut: Mu'assassat al-Risala, 1981-88.

Indices in vols. 24 and 25, including a useful index of hadiths in vol. 25. The Article in EI2 indicates thatSiyar is a précis ofTarikh al-islam, but it sometimes includes additional information. -CM

---,Târikh al-islâm wa-wafayât al-mashâhîr wa al-a`lâm, ed. `Umar `Abd al-Salam Tadmuri, 40-odd vols., Beirut, Dar al-Kitab al-`Arabi, 1987-.

No volume numbers are assigned by the publisher; rather, each volume is identified by the period it covers, usually a decade or two. Having come from just one man, this title is less thoroughly and reliably edited than Siyar a`lam al-nubala' e.g., one can trust the pointing less. One must know a man's name, not only hisshuhrah, to find his biography, and the identification of quotations is more haphazard. It is still the single most comprehensive of all medieval biographical dictionaries. -CM

---,Al-`Ibar, edited by Munajjid,Kuwait


, `Abd al-`Aziz,Bahth fi nash'at 'ilm al-ta'rikh 'inda al-'Arab, Beirut: Catholic Press, 1960.Second part is an anthology of primary Arabic historiographical works.

Edited and translated into English by Lawrence I. Conrad asThe rise of historical writing among the Arabs, introduction by Fred M. Donner,Princeton,NJ, Princeton University Press, 1983.

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