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The Holy Shrine of Hazrat Abdul Azim Hassani (A.S): part2

the holy shrine of hazrat abdul azim hassani (a.s)

The Recent Grand Expansion Project

After the victory of the Islamic Revolution there has been great increase in the numbers of pilgrims visiting the holy and the need for the creation of more pilgrimage spaces, welfare and cultural facilities for the pilgrims was greatly felt. With the appointment of Hojjat al- Islam Wal Muslimeen Muhammadi Ray Shahri as the chief reverend custodian of the holy shrine, the Grand Expansion Project to greatly expand the pilgrimage spaces in the holy shrine was implemented as a national development plan. This great expansion project has been successfully implemented in an area of 120000 sq.metres.

The College of Hadith Sciences

This college is a non-profit and non governmental higher education institute which have been built on an area of 20000sq.metrs. The college provides wide range of educational and welfare facilities.

Hadith Sciences faculty, specialization library in hadith sciences, manuscript library, computer centre, language lab, astronomy and observatory center consisting of an educational telescope, seminar halls, sport complex, dormitory, dining halls and cafetaria. The ''Science Hall'' of the college has been built on an area of 500 sq metres and consists of the main display room and waiting hall. The ''Science Hall'' is equipped with a planet and the astronomy center.

The Great Mosalla(Public Prayer Place)

This vast building built on an area of 8000 sq metres to provide a suitable and permenant place to hold the Friday and daily congregational prayers and other religious functions and ceremonies. Its architecture is the blend of Islamic and modern architectural styles and enjoys the creativities of the tile-workers, masons, artisans and calligraphers in its decorations. It also consists of two Shabistans (prayer halls) one for men and the other for women.

New Verandas

In order to connect the holy shrine of Hazrat Abdul Azim(A.S.) and Hazrat Hamzah(A.S) to Imamzadeh Taher's shrine and providing easier accessibility to these holy shrines, a veranda as wide as 1266 sq.metres named "Bayn al- Haramyn"(between the two shrines) was built in the eastern part of the holy shrine of Hazrat Abdul Azim(A.S) in 1995. Administration building housing the office of the custodian of the holy shrine was also built to centralize the activities of different offices of the holy shrine. Another building was constructed in the south-west of the complex in an area of 5300 sq.metres providing work rooms, parking lots, function and prayer halls, dining rooms, etc.


The project of function halls has been built on an area of 5800 sq.metres in two floors, one in the ground floor known as "Shaikh Sadooq Auditorium" and the one in the basement called "Shaikh Kulaini Auditorium"with the capacity of 600 and 300 persons respectively along with its lateral rooms.

The Public Relations Building

It is located in the eastern side of the complex built in an area of 5000 sq.metres. The Public Relations and International Affairs department is located in this building. There is also a small hall known as Andisheh Chamber where the religious gatherings of the youth are especially conducted.

The Courtyard of Imamzadeh Hamzah(A.S)

This courtyard with an area of 1600 sq.metres was built in the southern part of the holy shrine in the grand development plan. The buildings such as the Custodians Office and the Shaikh Sadooq Auditorium chamber are attached to it.

The Courtyard of Imamzadeh Taher(A.S)

This courtyard constructed on an area of 700 sq.metres is located in the eastern side of the holy shrine beside the old courtyard.

Source: shabestan.net

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