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Wonderful Healing account of a young Christian

The following miraculous event has been narrated by Muhammad Ali Motakhallas, who also had noted the miracle in chapter II of his book, "Poetical Works":

"I was passing by the cobbler's shop on a spring time morning when I noticed that the cobbler was seriously busy working. He had a very spiritual appearance, by which encouraged me to stop. After salutations I entered his shop and the cobbler who looked somehow amazed greeted me very warmly and invited me to take a seat. After a short talk I realized he had a foreign accent. "Where are you from?", I asked. "It has a long story and we should make an appointment for another time at another place if you are really interested," he replied. When I met the cobbler for the second time at our scheduled time and place he started, "I was born a Christian and now I am a Muslim. Now listen to the story of my conversion to Islam.

When I was only two months old I lost my mother. My father married another woman soon after this incidence and I was thus brought up by a stepmother. I always had a hard time with my stepmother. At any rate, when I was two years old I lost my father too. It was a really difficult period and I passed tough years without my parents.

In that time a war erupted inBelgium and the Belgian King, Nicholas II, was killed during the war. I was sixteen at the time of this incidence and due to the horrible conditions I somehow managed to migrate from Russia to Meshed.

After passing some time in the holy city ofMeshed in isolation I got seriously ill. As I was a stranger in Meshed and had none to look after me, with a broken heart, I pleaded to the Almighty and said: "My Lord! For the sake of Jesus, the holy son of Mary, for the sake of Moses, and for the sake of the Old and the New Testaments, and for the sake of the "Gharib" (One of the titles of the eighth Imam) of this land help me and heal me. "As I was crying and appealing to the Almighty for help I fell asleep.

In that state I saw myself in the blessed shrine of Imam Reza (PBUH) beside the Zarih and noticed that no one was there expect me. At first, I was scared because I was a Christian and according to the Muslims' laws the non-Muslims are not allowed in the mosques or any of the sacred places, and this was one of the most sacred ones.

While this was going on in my mind I suddenly noticed Imam Reza(A.S.) standing outside his tomb. He had a green turban on his blessed head, a green shawl around his waist and his whole body was luminous. He approached me and said "Why have you come here?" I told him "I'm a stranger and a orphan in this city I'm all alone and have none to take care of me. Lately I've become ill too. Now I won't leave your sacred shrine unless you'll heal me!"

The next morning when I woke up I informed my neighbors about the miraculous event. They took me to Ayatollah Hajj Aqa Hossein. When the grand Ayatollah heard my dream he embraced me and kissed me. Then he instructed me how to convert to Islam if I wished to do so.

After my conversion, I become an ardent follower of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and his pure progeny.

I decided to return to Russia and propagate the word of Allah there. Due to my qualifications I was appointed as a manager of a Tile Manufacturing Company which was run by 400 employees there.

After a short while I got married to one of the ladies who worked there. She was a very pious lady and converted to Islam when she heard my story. Then we both returned to Iran and settled down in the holy city of Meshed, since I could not bear being away from my kind Imam (PBUH) any longer.

Almighty Allah granted us two daughters. And as they grew up and reached the age to get married, I arranged their marriage with two Seyyed brothers, namely Seyyed Abbas and Seyyed Mustafa Kamali.

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