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Minia University


A Historical Note

The Minia University was established in the year 1976, with the separation of some faculties of Assiut University, namely the Faculty of Agriculture, the Faculty of Engineering and Technology, the Faculty of Arts and the Faculty of Education and Sciences at Minia. These faculties form the nucleus of the independent Minia University. The emblem of Minia University depicts the head of Queen Nefertiti who played an influential intellectual role in the life of ancient Egypt and the Queen's association with King Akhehaton, ttie advocate of the unity of God in the ancient Egyptian religion and the vindicator of truth and justice on earth.

The Minia University faculties:

There are 15 faculties, viz

·        The Faculty of Medicine

·        The Faculty of Science

·        The Faculty of Dentistry

·        The Faculty of Pharmacy

·        The Faculty of Nursing

·        The Faculty of Engineering

·        The Faculty of Agricultural Science

·        The Faculty of Fine Arts

·        The Faculty of Physical Education

·        The Faculty of Languages

·        The Faculty of Tourism

·        The Faculty of Education

·        The Faculty of Specific Education

·        The Faculty of Arts

·        The Faculty of Islamic and Arabic Studies

Scientific research

Minia University is highly interested in scientific research and provides distinguished services for the researchers and teaching staff via its laboratories and scientific research equipment. Minia University publishes a number of research journals for the publication of the teaching staff research papers. The most notable of these journals are the Journal of Educational and Psychological Research, the Minia Journal of Development and Agricultural Research, the Journal of Arts and Human Sciences, the Journal of History and Future, the Minia Journal of Sciences, the Faculty of Engineering and Technology Research Journal, the Minia Journal of Medicine and the Minia Journal of Mathematical Sciences.

Academic degrees awarded

The Minia University awards the following academic degrees:

The B.A. or B.Sc. is awarded after the successful pass of a four-year period of study at all faculties except for the Faculty of Engineering, the Faculty of Pharmacy and the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, where the study lasts for five academic years and the Faculty of Medicine whose study covers a period of six academic years.

The postgraduate diploma is awarded after a study of one to two years in the graduate's area of specialization. The Master degree is granted after a successful study that lasts for a minimum of two years and a maximum of five years after graduation. The first year is devoted for a specialized study and then the student has to present a research in the field of study. The doctoral degree is granted after a period that lasts from two to three years after the candidate has obtained the master degree. Then the candidate has to write a research in the specialized area of study.

The Minia University Central Library

The Minia University Central Library plays an important role in the university's research and study activities. It holds a variety of periodicals, encyclopedias and books on different fields of knowledge. These materials are indexed in a way that makes them easily accessible for the students and researchers. In addition to this Central Library, each faculty has its own library. There are nine of such faculty libraries atMinia University.

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