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Fahrenheit, Gabriel Daniel

BornMay 14,1686DiedSeptember 16,1736 Gabriel Daniel Fahrenheit was an inventor. His area of science was physics. He is considered important because he invented a good working thermometer. Without his invention we couldn¹t tell the right temperature. Fahrenheit was born in Dazig, Poland onMay 14,1686. In Fahrenheit¹s early life he immigrated toAmsterdam for business education. Fahrenheit studied in the Netherlands, Germany, and England. He was a manufacturer of meteorological instruments. One of Fahrenheit¹s chief devices can be used for studying climate in a thermometer. Fahrenheit died at the age of fifty on September 16,1736 inThe Hague, Netherlands.ThermometerThe first thermometer was a gas thermometer. The second thermometer was an alcohol thermometer. Guillaume Atoms invented the alcohol thermometer. Alcohol either boiled too hot or too cold. In the year 1714 Fahrenheit made the key advance to substitute alcohol and gas with mercury. Temperature above the boiling point of water as well as below its freezing point could be recorded when using mercury. Mercury also expanded and contracted at a more usual rate. Mercury also tells the temperature more accurately. Isaac Newton suggested that the temperature of freezing water and of the body be used as fixed points on the thermometer scale and that the difference in the fluid levels at these points be marked off into twelve equal divisions. Fahrenheit added salt to water to the lowest freezing point he could. He wanted to avoid getting negative temperature on cold days. So he adjusted that slightly in order to make the boiling point of water come out to 212 degrees 180 degrees above the freezing point of pure water. On the Fahrenheit scale, body temperature is 98.6 degrees. He also figured out that different liquids have different characteristics on their boiling points than others and change with the pressure, when he reported his invention in 1724 it earned him an election in the royal society. Great Britain and the Nether land were the first to adopt the Fahrenheit thermometer scale.Bibliography http://www.rit.edu/flwstv/stsdiarymay/html5-31-02 Fahrenheit, Gabriel Daniel Macmillian Educational Company Fahrenheit, Gabriel Daniel Copyright 1992 http://www.setrem.com.br/tec_trabalhos/fisca/ Fahrenheit, Gabriel Daniel

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