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The Egyptian Museum (2)


Basic Funeral Equipment

Gold death mask of Tutankhamen

An outer (second) coffin of wood overlaid with gold and semiprecious stones

Wood shrine overlaid with gold sheet, with sledge overlaid with silver

Wooden, gilded statue of Selket, protecting Tutankhamen's shrine

Figure of Goddess Isis protecting Tutankhamen's shrine

Sarcophagus of brown quartzite with a pink granite lid tented to the color of the box

Canapic chest made of alabaster with gilded dado, on a gilded wooden sledge

Bracelets, but possible anklets made of crystalline limestone inlaid with lapis lazuli bordered with gold wire

Ivory ring inlaid with bronze or copper with the cartouche of Tutankhamen

Openwork gold buckle showing Tutankhamen in a chariot drawn by two horses

Pendant with sun god theme, including scarab holding the sign of infinity flanked by two baboons on gold shrines

Gold pendant with various deities

Bracelet with scarabs and Netjer-ankh holding the symbols of infinity

Necklace with the Eye of Ra

Vulture pendant with obsidian eyes and lapis lazuli beak

Pectoral of kheper scarab

Golden amulet found around the neck of the mummy of Tutankhamen depicting a winged uraeus

Gold bangle with openwork scarab encrusted with lapis lazuli

Sun god pendant, with scarab/part-falcon representing Sun God


Gold cloisonne earrings representing birds with ducks' heads and falcons' wings

Necklace with gold pendant symbolizing the moon sailing across the sky

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