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Tuzla University



Tuzla University, containing 34 study profiles organizes and realizes teaching-scientific process at undergraduate and postgraduate level of the study at nine faculties containing around 10.615 students. 583 teachers and associates are participating in the teaching-scientific process. In addition to this number, 211 associates are employed at this University doing expert, administration-technical and auxiliary jobs.
28 years of development of university education and science-research institutions preceded forming of the University of Tuzla.
During 60s high schools, colleges and institutions for science-research activities have been formed in Tuzla as a result of economic and social needs and determinations of environment on connecting education and economy: Two-year college of mining established in 1958 and Faculty of Technology in 1959 as a first faculty outside the Sarajevo university. Mining School developed into a Faculty of mining in 1960, and the same year Two-year College of education started working.

In 1961 in Brcko, Two-yearcollege of Economy and Commerce started with work. Further development of university education in Northeastern Bosnia was dictated by needs and dynamics of economic and social development of the region. In the same rhythm Two-years colleges transformed into faculties, faculties and institutions were founded and new economic fields have been developed. Two-year college of education transformed into Teachers' college in 1969, Two-year college of Economy and Commerce into Faculty of Economy in 1976. School of Electrical Engineering was organized as a separate organizational entity of Sarajevo University in 1972. Turning point in development of university education in the region was the founding of the Faculty of Medicine in 1976. That was the turning point when the area of multi-branching was entered stepping further away from the mostly technical proliferation.

Founding of the university had become a necessity; not only to continue the development of the university education but to ensure further cultural and social transformation of one of the most densely populated regions ofBosnia and Herzegovina.
The founding was preceded by constructing of the Association of university education and science-research institutions of Northeast Bosnia in 1972, and Consortium for development of higher and university education and science-research work inTuzla. Faculty of technology inTuzla, Faculty of mining inTuzla, the Institute for mining and chemical-technological research Tuzla, Teachers' college Tuzla, Two-year college of Economy and Commerce Brcko and Federal centre for education and protection in industry and mining in Tuzla joined the Association. Later, Department of Music Academy and Faculty of Electrical Engineering fromSarajevo located in Tuzla joined the Association.
Agreement on University association was signed onNovember 18th 1976 inSarajevo, and the celebration of beginning of work was held December 18th in Tuzla.
Today, JU University of Tuzla has 8 faculties as its parts (Special-education teachers college, Faculty of Economy, Electrical Engineering, Philosophical College, Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Mining-Geological-Civil Engineering, Faculty of Technology) and the Academy of Drama.
Tuzla University has a very developed cooperation with universities and other institutions branching in university education inside the country as well as abroad. International cooperation of theTuzla University so far and the achieved results in many international projects clearly show our determination to further improve the University in accord with European programs and standards.

Faculties / Academy at the University of Tuzla

Academy of Drama
department: acting

Mije Keroševića Guje 3, 75 000 Tuzla
Tel./Fax.: 00387 (0)35 282 320

Faculty of Defectology
majors: oligophremia, somatology, logopedia, surdoaudology, typhlology

Univerzitetska 1, 75 000 Tuzla
Tel.: 00387 (0)35 300 625, Fax: 300 626

Faculty of Economics
departments: bussines processes management,
marketing, finances and accounting

Univerzitetska 8, 75 000 Tuzla
Tel.: 00387 (0)35 255 062, Fax.: 255 109

Bussines School (two years study) at Faculty of Economics
department: marketing, finances

Faculty of Electrical Engineering
departments:power engineering, technical computer science

Franjevačka 2, 75 000Tuzla
Tel.: 00 387 (0)35 259 600, Fax.: 259 617

Faculty of sport
Muharema Fizovića Fiska 6, 75 000 Tuzla
Tel./Fax.: 00387 (0)35 251 583

Faculty of Philosophy
Four years study
departments: bosnian language and literature,
history, pedagogy- psihology,journalism
foreign languages /english language and literature, german language and literature, turkish language and literature/

Two years study
departments: teacher training school,
technical education and informatics

Muharema Fizovića Fiska 6, 75 000 Tuzla
Tel./Fax.: 00387 (0)35 251 583

Mechanical Faculty
departments: power mechanical engineering, manufacturing mechanical engineering

Univerzitetska 8, 75 000 Tuzla
Tel./Fax.: 00 387 (0)35 283 304

Faculty of Medicine
Univerzitetska , 75 000 Tuzla
Tel./Fax.: 00387 (0)35 300 600

Faculty of science
departments:biology, mathematics,physics, geography,chemistry

Muharema Fizovića Fiska 6, 75 000 Tuzla
Tel./Fax.: 00387 (0)35 251 583

Faculty of Mining, Geology and Civil Engineering
departments: mining, geology, civil engineering,
drilling and well engineering

Univerzitetska 2, 75 000 Tuzla
Tel.: 00 387 (0)35 252 092, Fax.: 239 492

Faculty of Technology
/majors: chemical engineering, food technology,ecological engineering/,
environmental protection

Univerzitetska 8, 75 000 Tuzla
Tel./Fax.: 00387 (0)35 252 094

Tuzla Public and university Derviš Sušić Library

Since its founding in 1946, the Tuzla Public Library has been successfully performing a leading role in the area, while serving the function of general education and information as well as matching people's cultural needs.
Quite independently, the Tuzla University Library was established in 1986, with the primary aim of improving functional incorporation of the University libraries and documentation centers into a joined library and information system of the TuzlaUniversity, as well as to develop its own services in order to support the University's inclusion into the world's system of scientific information. The University Library took advantage of auspicious circumstances in the late eighties, and joined a larger library and information system based on modern information and telecommunication equipment, which made it capable to provide the teachers and researchers from The University with relevant information resources.
Since October 1992, the two libraries have been merged into one - the Public and University Library Tuzla, while sharing the premises, personnel and information resources as the main institution of this kind in the Tuzla Canton.
From April 2002 the Library has got the honor to bear the name of famous Bosnian writer and former Library director, Derviš Sušić.

The Library possesses diverse and valuable collections of over 200.000 library items (general reference collection; fundamental works of science and arts; outstanding editions in literature, history and philosophy; domestic and foreign rarities; doctoral and master papers; serial publication etc.) The change of scientific and educational programs at the University, including foundation of new colleges, made some library collections more attractive for library patrons from academic environment and more frequently used.

A remarkable enrichment and a new quality in the Library's holdings are collections of materials in foreign languages, established within the foreign cultural centers that have been placed under the roof of this house. Austrian Library, American Reading Room, Iranian Library and French Cultural Center meet with their respective programs an increasing interest for foreign languages in our milieu, and support the corresponding programs initiated recently at the Tuzla University. The work of foreign libraries and cultural centers within our house speaks, among other things, about dynamic international activities that the Library developed having made cooperation with similar institutions from USA, Malaysia, Germany, Austria, Croatia, France, Netherlands, Great Britain and other countries.

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