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Verse of the week


"And mention in the Book Abraham; surely he was a true man, a Prophet.
When he said to his father, 'Father, why worshippest thou that which-neither
hears nor sees, nor avails thee anything?
Father, there has come to me knowledge such as came not to thee; so follow me, And I will guide thee on a level path.
Father, serve not Satan; surely Satan is a rebel against the All-merciful.
O my father! I fear lest a Penalty afflict thee from (God) Most Gracious, so that thou become to Satan a friend.
Said he, 'What, art thou shrinking from my gods, Abraham? Surely, if thou givest not over, I shall stone thee; so forsake me now for some while.'
He said, 'Peace be upon thee! I will ask my Lord to forgive thee; surely He is ever gracious to me.
Now I will go apart from you and that you call upon, apart from God; I will call upon my Lord,
and haply I shall not be, in calling upon my Lord, unprosperous.'
So, when he went apart from them and that they were serving, apart from God, We gave him Isaac and Jacob, and each We made a Prophet and We gave them of Our mercy, and We appointed unto them a tongue of truthfulness, sublime."

Qur'an 19: 41-50

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