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Amman University

Amman University is the first private University to be established in Jordan, dating back to 1990. It has since then, set a pioneering pace in the field of private higher education. AU is fully accredited by the Jordanian Council of Higher Education, the only accrediting authority in Jordan. AU enjoys wide Arab and international recognition, and it is an active member of the Association of Arab Universities.
Since its establishment, AU has strived to provide a high quality university education. A well-designed functional campus with enough space for lecture rooms, Laboratories, all types of services and extracurricular activities is what AU is proud to offer our students as a friendly environment conducive of developing one’s own potentials.
The AU campus is an integrated system of buildings and service providing facilities. It is comprised of the following distinct building:

· Building A (Al-Farabi): It houses the President’s office, the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, the main library, the office of public and cultural relations, and a multipurpose auditorium.

. Building B (Al-Khawarizmi): It houses the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Deanship of student’s affairs and a library.

. Building C (Ibn Al-Haytham):It houses the Faculty of Pharmacy and Medical Science, Faculty of Engineering, the office of the Director-General, the office of the Deputy Director General, the International Office, Office of Admissions and Registration, the Accounting and Finance Department, Supplies Office, and the Central Computer.

. Building H. It houses the Faculty of Law, Deanship of Scientific Research, a library and lecture rooms.

. AmmanUniversity Arena.

. Two Dormitories for girl students.

. A building that houses the Arab Bank, a clinic and sports halls.

. A University Mosque.

. Faculty Housing

. Sports Fields.

Study at Amman University:

Amman University follows the credit-hour system. In this system, the yearly instruction takes place for the duration of two semesters, 16 weeks each, and one optional summer semester of 8 weeks in duration. Through five academic faculties now in full operation, AU offers the Bachelor’s Degree in the following fields of specializations:

1. Faculty of Arts and Sciences:

1. Computer Science
2.Computer Information Systems
3.Interior Design
6.Arabic Language and Literature
8.English Language and Literature

2. Faculty of Economics and Administrative Science:

1. Accounting
2.Business Management
3.Hotel Management and Tourism
4.Finance and Banking Management
5.Hospital Management
6.Economics and Statistics

3. Faculty of Law

1. Law

4. Faculty of Engineering

1. Computer Engineering
2.Electronic and Communication Engineering
3.Biomedical Engineering

5. Faculty of Pharmacy and Medical Sciences

1. Pharmaceutical Sciences
2.Medical Technology
3. Nutrition

The language of instruction is Arabic except for the Engineering and Pharmacy Faculties in which English is used.

Deanship of Research

Amman University places great emphasis on research activities, and for that purpose, the Deanship of Research was established in 1998/99.  Its functions include the promotion and support of research projects initiated by the various faculties of the university .  It also tries to seek financial support resources in the form of contract research, thereby extending its reach to the private and public sectors. This is in addition to its own budget allocated yearly for general purposes.


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