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Ziarat village

ziarat village

Ziarat village, with an altitude of 1563 meters above the sea level, is located 17 km south of the city of Gorgan, and is actually between two mountainous and forested feet of the mount. In spite of its being near an area with mild weather, this village is an attractive destination for tourists and travelers in summer because of its moderate cool weather, and in winter due to being covered with snow. Ziarat village is surrounded by the recreational region of Nahar-khoran and the heights of Darbandsar and Khomam-shahr in north, Khaal-darreh heights in east, the heights of Adim, Mazukesh, and Kamar-sar in west, and also a waterfall and forested heights in south.

Ziarat twin waterfalls, a hot spring, and also the mausoleum of Imam-zadeh Abdollah, i.e. a descendant of the Prophet of Islam are some of the tourist attractions in the village.

The recreational and tourist village of Ziarat is among the very old village of the city of Gorgan and has historical antiquity and many natural attractions. Due to being located in the valley of the river Khasseh-Rood, Ziarat village has been extended along the river, while it could not develop from north into the upper forest because of the ground being very steep. Architecturally speaking, the houses of this village are very splendid with their roofs covered by mud, their beautiful inward architecture, and outward surfaces. One of the interesting points about the contexts of this village is that the yards of houses make the pathways. In other words, the private outdoor area of the houses is the same as the paths in the village in which traditional ovens, water taps, small ponds, and warehouses can be noticed. However, this old type of architecture has been changed in some parts of the village where buildings with urban architecture are found. Tourists traveling to Ziarat village used to rent the villagers’ houses in the past, but with the construction of a hotel in the village, tourists are provided with a proper center to stay.

The men work in the fields of agriculture, and animal husbandry; while the women folk weave a kind of handicraft called Jaajim (that is a coarse loosely-woven woolen cloth). Being a tourist village has contributed to the flourishing of the village very much. Ziarat hot spring on the southern outskirts of the village, neighboring the mausoleum of Imamzadeh Abdolleh, is the only hot spring in Golestan province.

 It should be mentioned that Imamzadeh means a male or female descendant of the prophet of Islam (blessings of God upon him and his progeny). This hot spring has fresh, pure, clear and lukewarm water. It has four outlets. The first one gushes out from beneath a piece of stone with a tiny inscription on it. The natives believe that this hot spring has a soothing effect and can be used in curing various skin diseases and pains of the joints.

Ziarat waterfall, 5km south of the village and 19km south of the city of Gorgan, is another natural attraction in the region. There are two waterfalls in the area which flow into a natural pool from a height of 15 meters. In the area near the waterfall, droplets can be seen in the air owing to the pouring water from a high altitude; and rocks are covered with moss and lichen due to the rather high humidity. Such natural sightseeing has provided attraction sites for tourists and travelers. Furthermore, Ziarat River flows over the eastern edge of the village and provides water necessary for the villagers along its 40 km trip. The river bank, mountains, valleys, flora and fauna are some natural attractions in the vicinity of the village, while an old mosque and the mausoleum of Imamzadeh Abdollah are two places of pilgrimage in the village.

Ziarat village is accessible via the forested and pleasant Nahar-khoran region 4 km south of the city of Gorgan. Nahar-khoran region includes a set of forested spaces near the road, the river bank, and municipal and tourist conveniences. This complex with a special geographical situation, is located on two steep mountainsides, and therefore has a fine weather and is frequented by a number of tourists from different regions. There are also a few hotels and dozens of villas in the region. Very tall trees of the ancient forest together with tourist facilities in Nahar-khoran region have provided a recreational spot with magnificent views that attract not only the people of Gorgan, but also a large number of travelers during the whole year especially spring and summer. The meandering road in the forest to Ziarat village begins after Nahar-khoran. And when the road ends, one takes a short pleasant walk in the intact nature and forests there, to reach Ziarat village.

Source: irib.ir

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