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A – Z of Iranian History



Qajars: Turkmen group from Oghuz ancestry. They ruled Iran from 1796 to 1925.


Qanun: The newspaper published in early 1890 by Malkum Khan in London. Qanun means ‘law’. The paper became widely popular and discussed major issues with respect to reform in Iran and the merits of having a constitution.


Qarakhanids: Turkish tribes from Central Asia. They belonged to the Qarluq tribal confederation and became prominent during the 9th in Transoxiana.


Qara Quyunlu: The name means, tribes with black sheep, a major confederation of Turkmen with many sub-tribes, expanding into Asia Minor and into Iran. They were closely related to their rival, Aq Quyunlu tribes, and entered the area around the same time, in 11th century.


Qavam al-Molk Shirazi: Qavam family of Shiraz has been amongst the most prominent families in Fars and Iran. They served many kings over the centuries and at times, some were persecuted. In the early twentieth century Qavam, al-Molk united many groups including the Khamseh and improved the security of the area. He is not related to Ahmad Qavam Saltaneh.


Qavam al-Saltaneh, Ahmad (1882-1955): He was one of the most significant and influential political figures of the twentieth century Iran. Born in Azerbaijan, he served as prime minister five times. Originally a supporter of Reza Khan, he was pushed aside by the powerful new Shah Reza Pahlavi. He came back as prime minister after Reza Shah’s departure in 1941.


Quran: Muslims’ holy book, it is written in Arabic, and its contents were revealed directly to Holy Prophet (A.S).


Quti: From Zagros origin, they occupied eastern Mesopotamia, southwest Iran inhabiting what is now the Zagros Mountains. They appeared around 2200 BC, and are sometimes referred to as Guti, Gu-ti-um. They belonged to the same linguistic and racial group as Kassites and Lullubi.

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