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Learn more about Bushehr Culture

men of bushehr province

Way of life and mannerThe inhabitants of Bushehr Province are compassionate, kind, friendly, touchy and at the same time very hospitable, honest and religious people and they strictly adhere to Islamic teachings. They take part in joys and sorrows of each other and this humanitarian deed and way of life is the fruit of Iranian-Islamic splendiferous civilization.

It goes without saying that this area is considered to be the major southern gate of the golden Iranian ancient history and civilization.

Local Dishes

Fish and Prawn play an important role in most people’s diet especially in islands and coastlines of province. For example in Qulye-mahi (fish-fricassee), fried fish, stuffed fish, rice & fish, rice shrimp, etc, but the people residing the hinterlands, usually consume Dal-Adas (lentil soup), Lelak(drawn granulated wheat) & ranginak (dates with walnut inside furnished with oiled flour & sinnamon).

Kinds of fish

Edible fish hunted in the coastlines of Bushehr province are: Halva (pomfret), shuride, Rashgu, Sangsar, Hamur, Shir-mahi, Ghobad, Sorkhu, Sobur and many other kinds.

 Source: Bushehr cultural heritage & tourism administration

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