I promised you that I would come back!

Now... I'm here!


There is no need to be worried

Everything is finished....But

But how?!

But at what price?

It's the same baffling days I always face...

It happend again!

it dimmed all my reputation....

that's my point if view...mybe yours is different or better...

I'm sure you want the best for me......

Oh! my Allah do you hear me??

So long



پنج شنبه پنجم 1 1389


I have great pleasure to express my thanks

It was majical,miracle!

I believe you...you alwayyys have an eye on me ...


But I'mmm...Nothing! Forget it.


Take care of me....my strenght.

I need to have you all moments...help me uplift myself so as to refuse all devil's requests!

Help me

I need to you

My best

Just you....

دسته ها : Pop something...
جمعه نهم 12 1387
Hi every body
It's my pleasure to have a weblog for myself, just for poping somethings !
I made it becuase in my point of view, writing is satisfying....it makes me calm.
and it's  in english language! I'd like to improve my skills with the interesting matters.
If God wills I will put scientific and social subjects here.
That's all ! 
دسته ها : Pop something...
جمعه دهم 8 1387