I promised you that I would come back!

Now... I'm here!


There is no need to be worried

Everything is finished....But

But how?!

But at what price?

It's the same baffling days I always face...

It happend again!

it dimmed all my reputation....

that's my point if view...mybe yours is different or better...

I'm sure you want the best for me......

Oh! my Allah do you hear me??

So long



پنج شنبه پنجم 1 1389



Life is too good to complain

 Must be relieved the worse pain

I wish to been a mountain!


Days come and go like a train

But my heart is full of pain...


Stop up and open wide

Take a look at colored wall

Put it in the reverse rail !

My eyes need to have a rain

Put it in the reverse raillll....

Hmmm...You know everything...

Help me.



I'd rather not to say!



دسته ها : Poping as a poem
چهارشنبه پنجم 1 1388