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No Reason to Be Shy! (Part 2)


Why Shyness?

In fact, there are various reasons behind shyness. In many cases it starts from the childhood period, because of several causes, such as, parents over protection, which leads to a shy dependent young man or woman, who is not capable of expressing him or herself or facing any situation with courage.

Lack of life experience is one of the shyness sources.

 In other words, facing new situations for the first time might result in feelings of shyness. Low self esteem is another reason behind shyness, as if you don't trust your self and capabilities, these feelings can be converted into feelings of shyness.

Situations that exposed you to criticism or teasing can be a major reason behind shyness, as after confronting such situations you start to lose your courage, and capability of expressing yourself.

How to Overcome?

Understanding the problem. The first thing you should do is to fully comprehend your shyness problem, and how it influence your life negatively. In addition, addressing the reasons behind your shyness is another vital part of overcoming your shyness.

Another significant step is to have the will and assertiveness to overcome your shyness.

Knowing your positive traits. Understanding your strength points helps you in gaining more confidence and getting rid of your shyness. In fact, everyone of us is not only has weak points, but also has strength points that he or she should discover and make good use out of it.

Bibi- Aisha Wadvalla a 28 year- old from south Africa, supported this point of view, ‘Drawing up a list of one’s positive qualities, and getting friends and family to affirm them helps too,’ said Wadvalla.

Encourage Yourself to Speak Up. People around you, who are brave enough to speak up in the various occasions are not better than you. So you shouldn't think of any consequences and don't care so much about people's point of view on you, and remember that committing mistakes is what makes you learn.


In fact, you will never develop your skills unless you speak up and say your opinion freely.

Participate in Group activities. Being part of a group work or team activities, can help you greatly in overcoming your shyness, and this happens gradually.

Megahad said that her career work experience resulted in more interaction with people, the fact that assisted her greatly to overcome her shyness.

Duaa' or Supplication. It's very significant to ask Almighty Allah to give you more strength and braveness to overcome your shyness.

Wadvalla mentioned the significance of duaa', as she added ‘Duaa' is the most powerful tool for overcoming shyness-speaking with confidence.’

All in All!

It's not difficult to overcome your shyness. In fact, it's your decision whether to stay shy the rest of your life or to work on improving your skills and overcome your shyness that can influence your social and career life negatively.

So don't lose hope and be patient, and don't expect a rapid change. Now, it’s time to say ‘no more Shyness!’

allah-o akbar


Shiam EL-Bassiouni is a staff writer at youth for the future. A graduate of the American University in Cairo, she holds a bachelor's degree in journalism and mass communication with minor psychology. She is interested in the issues of youth and community development. She has worked with a number of voluntary organizations and charities


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