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Weight loss should not be hurried in new moms

weight loss

While new mothers tend to imitate celebrities in shedding the weight gained during pregnancy within weeks of labor, a new study warns about the dangers of early weight loss.

Previous studies had reported that gaining weight during pregnancy places new mothers at a greater risk of suffering weight problems in the long run if they do not retain their normal weight within six months or one year after labor.

According to the study conducted in the German Institute for Quality and Efficiency in Health Care (IQWG), weight gain during pregnancy is necessary for mothers who are in charge of providing their baby with nourishment.

Early weight loss attempts are reported to have negative impacts on breastfeeding.

Scientists stressed that many women routinely shed the extra pounds in six months to one year after labor while looking after and breastfeeding the new baby, stressing that there would be no need for new mothers to adopt crash diets and attend intensive exercise programs in the first weeks after labor to lose weight.

They added that following a sensible diet and intensifying exercise is the best way to achieve normal weight in new mothers.

weight loss

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