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Poem: Lost homeland!

women tied to tree


Palestinian Poets: Ali El Khalili

El Khalili was born in Nablus in 1943. He graduated in 1966 from the Arab University of Beirut with a degree in Business Administration. He worked as a teacher, a journalist, and editor in chief of newspapers, both in Palestine and in Arab countries; and is now a Director General in the Palestinian ministry of culture. A prolific writer, he is also a short story writer, a novelist, and has published books on Palestinian folklore. 


Dialectics of the Homeland


1 . Beyond the rainy cloud, the rose, and the pagan dream

and remnants of the old pledge.

The lovers are no more the lovers

And the murderers are similarly transposed,

O homeland, drowning in mystic symbols and in blood,

Lost homeland!

Teach us to exist in the age of lost things

Teach us to unlock barred doors

To fertilize a barren land

Discover in you the cloud and the rose

Illuminate the tired masses.

Homeland of lost things,

Teach us to conceive trees and children,

When the promised sun and the promised wind

Are concealed or revealed

Teach us that the murderers are visible in you

And the murdered invisible.


2. Glory to the dead, who dispersed among the people

who burned:

-Who ploughs fire?

-They plundered all secrets.


Apes huddled around the tended fire.


3. The blocked horizon rained.

Who can dam a river between one finger and another?

Who steals a moon that blossoms at a marriage of simple peasants?

Homeland of the newborn mother,

We have concealed a wound, exposed another

Witnessed blood as water, water as blood,

We did not fall,

Beyond the rainy cloud, the rose, and the pagan dream

bridges extend,

beyond the noose is the lily

green corpses pressed in the books of simple people

and in the memory of the struggling masses.

The peaks of death are torture and the taut tones of the voice

The peaks of death are magnificent, for who can possess

his own death lacerated by

obstructed paths?


4 .They passed at the twilight of revolution of lost things

Who owns the truth of death?

The customary slates are split:

Death without death

Voice without voce

Homeland without homeland.

Only the poor, the workers, the outcasts,

the elect at the dawn of the revolution

remain loyal to the wound, to the truth of death,

to the meaning of the song.

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