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Skills for a better Friendship


Humans are by nature social beings that interact, that are interdependent, and thus, in need of friends and companions. Much of our lives are spent in such social associations, and friendship is indeed an essential component in human relationships.


Friendship is...

Friendship is a voluntary, reciprocal and interpersonal relationship that is mutually productive and characterized by mutual positive regard.

Moderation in friendship should be considered. One should not confide everything in a friend lest he turns into his enemy. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) has said, "One who does not wish to increase his friends from amongst his brethren, is in for a disappointment.


Imam Ali (A.S.) has said, "The weakest person is the one who fails to accumulate friends. And weaker than him is the one who after obtaining them loses them.

" To choose a friend, one must assess his real worth. One must bear in mind that temperaments and personalities are associated with one’s relationships with others.

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said, "Every Muslim should try to select the best companion for the life span. A companion could be a friend from the same gender. If the companion is to be from the other gender, then that companion should be a spouse to live together within the confines of rules and regulations."

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