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How to Eat Your Vitamins: Iron


It"s possible to get your daily quota from your plate instead of the drugstore shelf. Here, the nutrients you need every day and how to get them from your diet


What It Does for You

It prevents iron-deficiency anemia. There's also evidence that it helps support a healthy immune system. A deficiency may be linked to impaired memory and an inability to focus.


How Much You Need Daily

Generally, 18 milligrams. Excess levels of iron are rare but may damage organs, so never supplement iron beyond the amount found in most multivitamins without a doctor's prescription.


Best Food Sources

Iron is most plentiful in and best absorbed from red meat, clams, and, in lesser amounts, egg yolks, chicken, and fish. It’s also found in legumes, fortified grains, and cereals.


How to Eat Enough of It

A large spinach salad, a cup of lentil soup, and a small (three-ounce) serving of red meat will give you adequate iron.


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