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A Discussion on Envy


Moses noticed a man in a very high position before God. Addressing God, he said: "O God! Who is this man with such a high and glorious position?" "O Moses! This man is good-tempered, his parents are pleased with him, and he doesn’t envy other people for their possessions and blessings", said God.

* Did you know that jealous people lead the worst life of all?

* Did you know that envy is physically harmful?

* Did you know that envy results in adversity and affliction in this world  and in the hereafter?

* Did you know that the rain of envy raises decadence and corruption?

Jealous people are always sad, not only because they are confronted with evil but also because they are worried about others’ happiness.

God’s wisdom comes down from the heaven like rain, but it doesn’t penetrate the hearts suffering from any of the following four vices:

1. Being concerned with this world and trusting it.

2. Nervous anticipation of the future.

3. Love of greed.

4. Envying others.

sura falaq

How to cure envy:

1. Reciting the Chapter of Falaq (The Dawn)

2. Saying: God bless Muhammad and his progeny.

3. Saying: Whatever God will.

4. Saying: There could be no change or power except with God’s.

5. Not envying what others possess.

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