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Eulogy to Amir Al Mumenin 

imam ali


Today is Rajab 13th  1429 after Hijra, I’m on my way to the  pilgrimage of the land  of Light and Miracles or, should I say, to the birth place of the last Messenger of God, Hazrate Mohammad Mostafa (pbuh),and his brother and cousin, Amir Al Mumenin Hazrate Ali Ibn Abi Taleb (as) ,and his gracious daughter Hazrate Fatimah Zahra (sa) and the two leaders of the young men of Paradise and honorable  martyrs : Hazrate Imam Hassan Mojtaba (as) and Seyyed-ul- shohada, Hazrate Imam Hossein (as) and many others, who belong to this great and holy family.

But this very day, is the birthday of the first man who accepted   the invitation of the Messenger of God to become the first Muslim; so shortly I would like to talk about his greatness and nobility of heart from some of the authentic hadîth about our lord of the believers: Amir Ol Mumenin Hazrate Ali Ibn Abi Taleb…

As you know, when Hazrate Ali Ibn Abi Taleb’s mother(sa) was ready to give birth to his son, the wall of Kaba was opened by God’s Will and by a special Miracle, and a celestial voice invited Fatimah Bent Assad to enter into the House of Kaba; when Fatimah went into the Kaba,  the hole was closed once again,  and the shape of the wall changed and became as it was before…


 Don’t you ask yourself why didn’t Fatimah Bent Assad enter the house of Kaba from the main Door?

And why couldn’t the Host of the mother of Amir Al Mumenin invite her from its main Door, rather than from an opened wall…?

You may be right actually... But on that special occasion, the importance and the magnificence of that story wouldn’t be so great like the actual hadith from the Shiite and the Sunni versions… Maybe the enemies of the holy family of the Prophet [specially the deniers of Imamat and Velâyat of Amir al Mumenin] would offer all kinds of excuses to prove that the story is too common or too simple to be narrated and say:” Maybe the guardian of Kaba had forgotten to lock the Door and the Door was left semi opened and that Fatimah Bent Assad, with just a little push, had opened the Door herself…”

But the God of Amir Al Mumenin, knew well and was well aware of the innocence and purity of Hazrate Ali Ibn Abi Taleb (as),so the Will of God Almighty was that the wall of Kaba be opened specifically for his mother, and that it welcome its illustrious guest, and host her for three whole days.

So that the deniers of Amir Al Mumenin couldn’t say anything against the importance and the veracity of this actual fact, and the magnificence and nobleness of Amir Al Mumenin;  and so the great Light of his Imamat started from his birthday and continues until now… 



Author: Seyyed Ali Farid Mohammadi

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