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What Is an Egg Allergy?


Eggs are everywhere. Not only are they served for breakfast, but they’re also in all sorts of foods - from muffins to meatloaf. But what if you were allergic to eggs?

Babies sometimes will have an allergic reaction to eggs. If that happens, they can’t eat eggs for a while. But the good news is that most kids outgrow this allergy by age 5 and can eat eggs with no problem after that.

You probably know that some people are allergic to certain foods, like peanuts or shrimp. When a person has a food allergy, his or her body responds as if the food is a dangerous substance. This can happen to a little kid who eats eggs because his or her immune system isn’t fully developed and can’t handle the protein in eggs. (Most children are allergic to the protein that’s in the egg whites, but some react to the protein in the yolk.)



The immune system, which normally protects against germs and other problems, uses antibodies to fight the egg protein like it’s a harmful invader. A baby who is allergic to eggs might feel sick or get a rash after eating eggs or any food containing eggs. The reaction could happen fast or it might take a few hours.

Signs and Symptoms

Here are some symptoms a person might experience due to an egg allergy:


• skin: hives, eczema, flushing, or swelling


• digestive system: belly pain, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, or itching around the mouth


• respiratory system: runny nose, wheezing, or difficulty breathing


• cardiovascular system: rapid heartbeat, low blood pressure, or heart problems


In rare cases, a person could have a very serious allergic reaction, which can cause anaphylaxis. Immediate medical attention is needed because the person may have breathing problems and a drop in blood pressure.

Anaphylaxis is treated with a medicine called epinephrine ,which is given by injection (a shot). Kids who have a severe egg allergy will usually carry - or have a grown-up carry - an epinephrine injection, just in case.

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