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Quick Tips for mothers

mother and a daughter

1. Use Smiling Muscles:

Always remember, it takes 13 muscles to frown- and only six to smile!


2. Shining Mixture:

To keep hair healthy and shining, and to eliminate greasy brush and hair, rinse your hair every time you shampoo with a mixture of vinegar and lemon juice- about three tablespoons of vinegar and one table spoon of lemon juice to one bowl pf rinsing water. And then finish off with a rinse in cool, clear water.


3. Just the Mustard:

To get rid of the smell of onion, just rub both hands with dry powered mustard – then wash in cold water.


4. Easing Headaches the Japanese Style:

Wring out a face flannel in hot water, then fold flat into three and place on the back of your neck at hair-line. Leave until cool then repeat again. If you can lie down while the flannel is on your neck, even better.


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