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Where are you my dear?

My galaxy, sky, my lunar year!    


Where are you my deep main?

My river, rain, and mount chain!


My cockcrow and gloaming!

My serpentine morning glory!


Where are you my belief?

The innocent heart’s chief.


Where are you? In some faraway place?

Hey you, whom I’m giving chase!


Where are you my cloud?

My bud and thunderbolt! 


Where are you, my heart dear?

Joie de vivre, my solar year!


Where are you, my wide ocean?

My Venus, Jupiter and Saturn!


Where are you, soul of my ashes, hey?

Seeds of tomorrow, the Milky Way!


Where are you, my last prostration?

My qibla, niyyat, prayer, and devotion!


Where are you? Absent! Always at my side!

Show yourself, emerge and turn the tide.



By Samaneh Nazerian

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