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High heels cause permanent foot problems


Physicians have warned women against wearing high heels as it can result in permanent foot deformities requiring surgical correction.

According to a new research, wearing high heels puts more than 20,000 women in hospital every year. More than one third of women wearing high heels experience fall.

Findings show that, as the feet are hyper extended while wearing high heels the capsule around foot joints may become stretched leading to various foot problems.

Corns and calluses, toenail problems (nail fungus and ingrown toenails), bunions, hammertoes, tight heel cords (tightening and shortening your Achilles tendon), neuromas (Morton's neuroma or plantar neuroma), pump bump (Haglund's deformity aggravated by the rigid backs or straps of high heels), metatarsalgia (joint pain in the ball of the foot), stress fractures and many other forefoot problems are among the most common complications following constant use of such shoes.

While wearing high heels for long periods can injure leg muscles, osteoarthritis of the knee and lower back pain, the majority of foot problems caused by these shoes, including neuromas and capsulitis, are short-term.

Scientists believe low heels of one-half to three-quarters of an inch are the best types of shoes for both the front and back of the foot. Square-toed shoes with a roomy toe box can also help prevent the scrunching of the toes.




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