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Shahid Ali Akbar Shiroodi

Shahid Ali Akbar Shiroodi

Shahid Shiroodi was born in a religious and poor family in Balashirood village on 1334.  His father was a farmer and for this reason he had felt the hardness of poverty during his childhood.  In his educational period he was conspicuous among the students and he was always the first one in school.

After graduating of high school he left his village to Tehran for continuing his studies and finding a suitable job. After 2 years, he was employed in Army, during this period, a new part was started in his life and he decided to fly by helicopter. When Islamic demonstration began, Shahid Shiroodi had an active and important role in revolution triumph.

In beginning of imposed war, along with Shahid Keshvari and Shahid Sahliyan, he entered in many operations and his braveness was always adorable during the war. Shahid Fallahi called him as “West Star” (West in here refers to Kurdistan Province). In one of the operations, he attacked to Iraqi forces in the region of Sar pol Zahab and defeated them.

When this news was received by Majlis, Mr. Rafsanjani called him Malek Ashtar.

 Ayatullah Khamenei states about him: “He was the first militant whom I fallow in the prayer” and this one was the greatest honor for him in his life. 

Shahid Shiroodi was encouraged several times during war but he didn’t accept any of these degrees. His reason for fighting was so high and this was enough for him. At least in 8th Ordibehesht 1360 ( 28 Apr 1981), he was informed that Iraqi tanks are moving towards Dashtezahab area, for it was night he could not to go there, but on 6 o’clock in the morning he attacked them and destroyed most of Iraqi tanks but at the end of operation his helicopter was aimed and he martyred.

                            May his soul rest in peace.

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