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About Tebyan


Aim and Objectives

Tebyan is a Cultural and Informative Institute. It was established as an independent legal entity affiliated to the "Islamic Propaganda Organization". Its constitution was approved on 10th December 2001. The site WWW.Tebyan.net was first presented on world wide web in 2002. The website is also available in other languages, Farsi, Arabic, French, Russian, Turkish and Urdu


Aim and Objectives

The aim of establishing this institute are:

1. The institue wants to explain, develop and promote Islamic culture.

2. Educate the new generation religiously, socially and practically by the means of information technology.


Tebyan's Priorities

A. Establishing a comprehensive internet site containing religious, scientific, social and sports information.

B. Enlightening people about different cultures and  religion through website and information technology.

C.Supporting cultural and religious institutions in the area of information technology, through paving their way for better quality and distribution of their productions.

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