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Did you know that negative thoughts can destroy your life?


A mind filled with negative thoughts will cause you to feel miserable, inadequate and will lead you to failure after failure no matter how hard you try to succeed.

If you have a pattern of negative thinking you're also more likely to be in debt and end up in destructive or negative relationships. 

If you want to succeed, enjoy happiness and live a life of abundance, and prosperity - you will have to eliminate any consistent negative thinking, and negative beliefs that you hold.

You'll also have to replace those negative thoughts with positive thoughts that allow you to succeed and enjoy life.

While this may sound challenging - it's a lot easier than you think-and today I'm going to outline just how you can eliminate negative thinking and begin creating the life you want in a few simple steps.

How Negative Thoughts Start

Let's face it, we all have negative thoughts. As much as you try you won't be able to eliminate all your negative thinking.

But you can eliminate the chronic negative thoughts and change the negative beliefs that prevent you from succeeding and achieving your goals.

What are these thoughts and where do they come from?

They come from you friends, your family, fellow co-workers, advisers, teachers, even strangers - and they come from you -that's right! You often create most of the negative thoughts that you have - and it's only because you haven't trained your mind to be positive and you haven't created positive beliefs that allow you to succeed.

The truth is everyday you are bombarded with a series of negative thoughts, negative messages and as you continue to absorb all of these negative messages you create a negative thinking pattern that leads to negative and limiting beliefs.

Negative thoughts are like weeds - if you don't take care of them and clear them early on - they will take over your entire mind and destroy any positive thoughts and beliefs.

Here's an analogy that I think drives home my point.

Nearly two years ago my wife and I bought a home with a huge backyard. Now I'm no professional gardener and I knew that taking care of this yard would be challenge - but I was up for it.

Well when summer came weeds started to takeover my yard. I asked a so called expert how to handle the issue and the advice I was given just about ruined my yard.

I destroyed various chunks of my yard - there were burned patches all over the place and I had o re-seed large sections.

I spent hours removing the burned grass, putting in fresh soil and planting the seeds.

Everyday I watered those patches and made sure the seeds got enough water to help them grow.

Every morning I would like out the window hoping to see new grass in those patches.

One day - I forgot to look.

I got home in the evening - went out to water those patches - and guess what - there was new grass everywhere. The patches were fading and the new grass seemed to have sprouted overnight.

Your mind and life work in a similar way.


Let me explain.

At infancy your mind is much like my garden was - bright, clear and untainted by the weeds of negative thinking.

As you get older - the weeds of negative thinking start to pop up. When you don't control them they start to wipe out all that was lush and positive in your mind and in your life.

The weeds of negative thinking not only taint your mind - they spill over into your life and start destroying all that you treasure and appreciate.

But just like my garden - you can fix or correct the problem. You can eliminate the weeds, plant new seeds and create a new life and a new way of thinking - one that will allow you to enjoy life a great deal.


You start by replacing the weeds of negative thinking with positive thoughts, positive feelings, and begin spreading this positive message to other people.

When you have a negative thought that says you can't do something - think of why you can do something.

When you think of what might go wrong - change those negative thoughts and think about what can go right.

When you feel that you can't accomplish something - think of why you can accomplish something.

Recite affirmations - these are the seeds of your new positive way of thinking. Work with as many techniques as you can to get rid of the weeds and

plant new seeds for positive thinking and positive living.

The results will come when you least expect it.

I had to continue watering my lawn until one day - the new grass just seemed to pop up.

You have to continue watering your mind with positive feedback - and then only will things start to change.

When will this change happen?

When you are ready and when you eliminate the negative thinking. Start removing the negative thoughts that create the weeds of your mind. Begin changing negative and limiting beliefs.

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