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Your Mind: More Powerful Than Your Body

more powerful than your body

When it comes to "starting," there is no tomorrow, only today, since when you get to tomorrow, it’s today. Live in today, take action today, and don’t wait for anything for your (new and improved) life to begin!

Forget the “it‘s summer, get ready for your bikini" crap, it’s life, get into shape for that! Mentally, emotionally, and physically conditioning ourselves for the most important event of all – life – that is what I am concerned with. So, if it is fitness you want for this summer and beyond, true and total fitness, let’s get started.

You will have to clean out the junk food – now. It’s putting excess weight on your body and numbing your mind. Sugar is disorienting and a trigger (for most of us), and any “trigger” foods, food that make you want to keep eating (chips, cookies, ice cream), must go.

If you really want to “clean house” whether you want to lose weight or not, try no sugar, no dairy for 60 days – that’ll give you an efficiently working physical body and mental acuity like you have never known.

Now, write down everything you want – don’t hold back, write it all down. This is the way to activate your dreams - think about them. Then you must do things that help you believe that they are possible, for example, cleaning out the clutter in the cupboards and starting to exercise regularly.

Now I know you say, “If I do those things, of course I’ll get fitter, it has nothing to do with my mental state.” But how many times have you tried to lose weight by dieting and exercise? Many, I am sure. And many more times the process has failed you.

You must use your mind to carry you over the "lack of belief in your ability to accomplish your goals" state that you, and most of us, are in much of the time. And if you haven’t lost the weight as quickly as you had hoped (or as fast as your friend did), don"t stop. Some of us have more mental undoing to accomplish than others.

You must stay focused on your goal – and this I know can be harder than giving up sugar - but it is the one thing that we neglect to do when trying to affect a true, lasting change for ourselves – we neglect to use our minds, as well as our bodies.

So write what you are going for down, think about it often, and see it happening in your mind for you!

more powerful than your body

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