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Is Growth Hormone the Fountain of Youth?

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Growth hormone serves many functions in your body, from promoting cell regeneration in the bones, vital organs and muscles and repairing damaged tissue to burning fat, maintaining the immune system and supporting healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Growth hormone is secreted by the pituitary gland. A normal pituitary gland stores about 10 milligrams of growth hormone which is usually released in a series of pulses into the bloodstream throughout the day and night.

Unfortunately, growth hormone production declines with age, so that by the age of 60, almost a third of the population no longer produces any growth hormone . This has led some scientists to believe that growth hormone is a key factor in the speed with which we age - and a contributing factor to the loss of skin and muscle tone, an increase in fat tissue, and the tendency for our skin to wrinkle.

Eating a high protein diet, avoiding stress, engaging in aerobic exercise, fasting and getting adequate sleep all help stimulate the release of growth hormone. Those who want to provide their bodies with optimal amounts of growth hormone can take a growth hormone supplement.

Research has shown that a supplement with a combination arginine (the most effective amino acid found to induce growth hormone release) and lysine, another amino acid, induce a significant growth hormone release.

Those thinking of using a growth hormone supplement should know that it is best not to take the supplement every day, as this could suppress the body's normal production of growth hormone. Like most hormones, it is the proper dose and timing that gives the most beneficial results.

Using a growth hormone supplement every other day rather than every day prevents the tolerance and dependence syndrome. Allowing the body a one-day break in between growth hormone use allows the body to remain sensitive to both its own growth hormone and the growth hormone supplementation.

A growth hormone supplement is a safe way for anyone wanting to help prevent cardiovascular disease, improve muscular strength and immunity and overall health and appearance. Make sure you buy a high quality supplement such as GH Advantage, with the clinically proven combination of arginine pyroglutamate and lysine.

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