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Ancient Graveyards, Bushehr

Goor Dokhtar, Dasht-e-Arjan, Dashtestan

Goor Dokhtar (Dasht-e-Arjan)

The structure of 'Goor Dokhtar' is very similar to the mausoleum of Koorush the great in Pasargadae (about 600 BC.). This structure is made of 24 slabs of stones, according to the 'Orartoie' and Elamite principles such as the ziggurat of Choqazanbil. This valuable monument is registered on the records of the Cultural Heritage Organization of Iran.

Khark Ancient Graveyard, Khark

In a part of the mountainous area of Khark Island, numerous graves have been discovered and a strong probability exists that these belong to the Zoroastrians and the Christian communities. These graves date back to the end of the Sassanian and the beginning of the Islamic eras. In graves belong to men no articles has been discovered. Whereas in graves belonging to women, small bottles, (most probably perfume bottles), rings and mirrors made of admiralty metal have been discovered.

Siraf Ancient Graveyard, Siraf

This graveyard is in the north west of "Bandar-e-Taheri' and in the southern slopes overlooking it. Numerous graves have been found rectangular in shape (210 cm x 50 cm) and with a depth of 40-60cm. These graves have been dug out in the stone. Opposite to this graveyard is another site where the graves are placed vertical to the height of 3 m. and a width of 2 m. resembling bee hives and are regularly placed on the slopes.

Other Ancient Graveyards, Bushehr

Other graveyards and in this province are named as the grave of 'Shaqab' (Bushehr), the tomb of a British General (Bushehr), the 'Marv hillock and Pahn' hillock in Burazjan.

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