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Castles and Forts, Bushehr


Borj Castle, Dashti

This is the remnants of the large castle of Khormoj which is architectured in the 'Saljuqi' style with arched roofs and decorative plaster moldings.

Burazjan Fort, Dashtestan

This castle located in the city center of Burazjan, was for a long duration utilized as a prison. Originally it was a 'caravansary' or local inn in Qajar period and is on national record.

Dutch (Holandiha) Castle, Khark Island

This castle is located in the north east of Khark Island. In the year 1748 AD, contemporary to the period of the Safavid reign and the Afqani conquests in Iran, the Dutch gave up their trading center in Bandar Abbas and transformed this center to Khark Island. Hence the construction of this castle is attributed to Baron Kenep Hawsen.

Zar Khezer Khan Castle, Tangestan

Zar Khezer Khan Castle (Tangestan)

Zar Khezer Khan Castle (Tangestan)

This castle is to the north of Ahram and belongs to Zar Khezer Khan Tangestani and at present is the residence of his descendants. The castle includes four towers and rampart apart from the private facilities for use of the residents.

Other Castles, Bushehr

Besides the above mentioned castles, the Jalal Khan Hakem Castle in Dayer and the Malek Castle in Ray Shahr are worth mentioning.

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