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Special Local Ceremonies, Bushehr

Galin (Qebleh Doa) Ceremony, Bushehr

This ritual is performed during a drought. The ritual is in such a way that the inhabitants of a village select a person and call him 'Galin'. Galin is then changes into Shepherds clothing along with a beard made of sheep wool and a straw hat with two horns. A bell is also hung round his neck. Then along with the others of this village, Galin is taken from house to house and from each house he receives some wheat, barley or a few eggs.

Ultimately Galin divides that which he has acquired into segments and in one of these segments adds a small piece of sand (apart from the eyes of others). Then these segments are distributed and the one who receive the part inclusive of sand, escapes the scene making the others run behind him in order to beat him. Finally he finds refuge in one of the houses and the household plead with the others not to hunt him for 3-7 days and that within this duration the rains would come.

'Galin' is allotted more two or three days if it doesn't rain, but ultimately if the rains don not come Galin is entailed for a beating. People believe that by performing this ritual the almighty feels pity on them and the rain begins.

Zaar (Leava) Ceremony, Bushehr

This ritual is usually performed on Wednesday nights. People (both men and women) adorn themselves with special attire and shower themselves with special perfume in order to get ready for this occasion, which also entails dancing.

A week before this event a particular concoction (which is a type of medicine) is prepared for the person who is ill and is to be treated by this ritual. Baba Zaar, or the person in charge of the patient keeps the person out of sight of others for one week, rubs the concoction on the patients body besides giving a title to be drunk, and vaporizing a portion of the same around the patient. At the dancing ceremony, Baba Zaar beats the patient carefully and before the festivity begins various types of food are prepared and laid out including blood from the sacrifice of an animal for the ill person. The patient is compelled to drink a tile of this blood before being allowed to speak.

During the dancing and ecstasy, the patient by rhythmic movement goes into a state of hallucination and in this condition only 'Baba Zaar' can communicate or talk to the patient who asks the former to relieve him of that which has possessed him. After the period of hallucination is over the patient always has to dress in white and clean clothing and always scented with perfumes, and is compelled to keep away from doing wrong or else he'd be troubled again by 'Zaar'.

Another ritual is the 'Dum-Dum Sahri' ritual taking place during the fasting month of Ramadan.

Museums, Bushehr

Bushehr Museum, Delvar, Bushehr

This museum has a collection of exhibits and is also the museum of Anthropology. This museum is in the historic mansion of Rais Ali Delvari.

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