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Springs, Chahar Mahal Va Bakhtiyari

Daimeh Spring, Farsan

In the province of Chahar Mahal Va Bakhtiyari springs are plentiful and these together with smaller tributaries of the rivers form a network that is well worth mentioning, especially during the spring season.

Kooh Rang Spring, Chelgerd

A few of these natural springs are named as Vakht va Saath spring in Shoraji, Zeeneh in Hafshjan, Dorooqzan in Tarrokhshahr, Daryacheh Dareh Dahro, siahsard in Brujen, Biehnoor in Moosa Abad, Yelem in Ballas Oqli, Qeynoo in Sarcheshmeh, Dah Cheshmeh in Pinqar, Madar va Dokhtar in Gandoman, Cheshmeh Seleh in Seleh, Doleh in Chaman Bid, Milas in Milas, Barm in Lordegan, Cheshmeh Ali in Imam Qeys, Aasardeh in Absard, Sarkhoon in Sarkhoon, Sardab in Sardab, Cheshmeh Sandgan in Maal Khalifeh, and a reputed natural spring called Cheshmen Deymeh near Chelgerd.

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