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Mahdi (PBUH), Ten Revolutions in One Revolution (Part 2)

imam mahdi (pbuh)

Revolution in women rights, intellectual improvement, and scientific rights

He will choose 313 persons who will be the main operators of his government. According to the Ahadith, there are 50 women amongst them, who will perform in the highest level of global management. This clearly illustrates the role of women in this revolution.

In his society, women will be honored without loosing their chastity. Thus, we understand three great revolutions in the society of Mahdi (PBUH), namely intellectual revolution, rights revolution (women rights) and scientific revolution.

Economic revolution
At that time (the reappearance era), an economic and technological revolution will take place; he will take over the whole world; all the superficial and underground resources will be available for the deprived people; the soils will become fertile; there would remain no ruined place on earth except that it would become habitable in Mahdi’s (PBUH) government. It will not be so that a small minority is full while the majority is hungry. The entire world will become habitable and everywhere is prosperous; the springs will be overflowed by water. At this time, there will be abundant favors for mankind, and they share them without any injustice and prodigality.
Revolution in the human relations
Another revolution will happen in the inter-relation of human beings. The sincere and friendly relations will improve to the extent that if a person needs something, he can use the other one’s property without any struggle or dissatisfaction. At that time, everything will be for everyone. There is no conspiracy among the people and they consider each other as brothers since they all respect each other. Besides being great and bloody, his revolution brings brotherhood rather than revengefulness.
Revolution against discrimination
At that time, all the people live like each other; they will be all either full or hungry, whenever there is not enough supply, unanimously. According to the Ahadith, when Mahdi (PBUH) comes, he will divide the properties among the people properly, or identically as the Hadith states. It will be so that no one would remain hungry on the entire earth. Even in our time, in the wealthiest countries (in spite of the fact that such wealth is brought about as a result of oppression and social leveling across the world) there are thousands of people who are deprived of primary facilities. In today’s world, the exact meaning of social leveling and class distinction is demonstrated.

Nevertheless, at that time convenience and wealth will be spread without any discrimination everywhere.

Social revolution
Whilst the human being will experience convenience, egoism and profiteering will no longer exist. In that society, all the people will help each other. Although the social aspects of the revolution are magnificent, they are realistic. Of course it is obvious that in today’s world, providing such situation is impossible; nevertheless, this is the extreme of Islam’s doctrine and it will definitely be practiced.
Security revolution
The other aspect of Mahdi’s (PBUH) revolution is for security. According to the Ahadith, in the government of Mahdi (PBUH), a young girl (who likely is sensitive to harshness and aggression) can have a trip from on corner to another corner of the world lonely, while no danger threatens her. At that time, people will gradually forget the word “fear”!
Civil revolution
The entire world will be civilized by him; the whole societies will experience pleasure and joy. This joy will be humane, not gained by oppressing others or usurping others’ rights.
Revolution against ignorance
A huge revolution will take place in understanding the religion, and knowing the religion will improve and ameliorate. According to the Ahadith, when he arises, some Muslims will oppose him and apply verses of the Holy Quran against him. Those are people who have neither understood the true religion nor helped it. They have not experienced any hardship for the religion, but made benefit of it. There is a Hadith implying that he will arise against both ignorance and innovations. He will fight against ignorance, teach people the pure religion as it was descended, and eliminate incorrect interpretations of the religion.
Cultural revolution
A great cultural revolution will occur by Imam Mahdi (PBUH) too. As mentioned in some Ahadith, the ratio of all the sciences know by human to the sciences which Imam Mahdi (PBUH) will discover is 2 to 27. This means that human, though having made such progresses, is not highly knowledgeable.
To be continued …
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