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Ardal of Chahar Mahal Va Bakhtiyari

Ardal New Bridge

In recent years, this township due to expansion has turned into a city, and is one of the smallest cities of the province of Chahar Mahal va Bakhtiyari. It is a place full of natural beauty having cool summers and cold winters.



Inverted Tulip

Brujen is located on the plains surrounded by mountains. The capital of which is Shahr-e-Brujen which is 571 km from Tehran. Standing at an attitude of 1,980 m. it has moderately a cold climate, along with greenery and natural beauty in abundance - having cold winters and cool summers.


Kooh Rang Tunnel - Chelgerd

This township is situated in the mountainous region of the north and northwest segment of this province. The capital city being Farsan located 35 km from Shahr-e-Kord, and 578 km from Tehran. The city of Farsan is one of the important summer residing places for Bakhtiyari Tribe, which has excellent weather conditions due to resting in the midst of the inner ranges of the Zagros Mountains.


Choqakhor Wetland, Gandoman (Lordegan)

Lordegan is situated to the south of this province neighboring the province of Kohkiluyeh and Boyer Ahmad and Khuzestan. The capital city of which is Lordegan, 81 km south of Shahr-e-Kord and at a distance of 624 km from Tehran. This town forms the area of the Haft Lang Tribe of the Bakhtiyari and most probably takes its name from the old city of Larjan, according to ancient geographers.


Zaman Khan Bridge (Shahr-e-Kord)

 The township of Shahr-e-Kord is located to the northeast of this province, Shahr-e-Kord being its capital city and situated 543 km from Tehran. Shahr-e-Kord is in the midst of a plain surrounded by mountains. In the 7th Century (AH) Shahr-e-Kord and its outskirts came under the rule of the Atabakan-e-Fars and Lurestan. It was in this area that a sentry post was set up to control both passenger traffic and see to their need. The Kords formed the guard of this post, thereby this vicinity was known as Dehkord. After many decades due to its expansion Dehkord was named Shahr-e-Kord and is reputed for its fine weather and natural beauty.

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