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Philosophy of Nowruz Festival in Ancient Persia (Part 1)

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH): “Make every day your New Year if you can, i.e. give gifts to each other in the cause of God and visit your next of kin.” (Da’em al-Islam, Vol. 2, P. 326)

Nowruz is the most ancient national custom in the world that has remained to the day and it is one of the best factors for continuation of the culture originally established by the Iranians (southern Aryans). The rites and rituals of this great festival in contemporary world have no eye-catching difference with the rites and rituals observed some three thousand years ago. This is why it is a factor for cultural unity of the inhabitants of the land of Persia. Iranians respect and observe this ancient festival in the same way no matter where they live. And that is the reason why thinkers have referred to Nowruz as sustainable manifestation of the Iranian identity and nationality. Historians have no doubt on strong force of Nowruz because they have grasped well the mighty power and eye-catching efficiency of this great festival in the course of history.
Nowruz, its goals and the incidents that have taken place on this day through ages are all worthy of serious attention. In the majority of history books, such as Tarikh al-Tabari (Tabari’s History), Ferdowsi’s magnum opus Shahnama and Biruni’s works, Nowruz has been attributed to legendary Persian King Jamshid and to Kiomars in some other works. They say Nowruz is the best day of the year because of the beginning of spring, equality of day and night lengths, brightness of the sun and moderation of Mother Nature.
Translated by: Sadroddin Musawi

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