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A Short Biography of Martyr Hussein Kharrazi:
The Words and Will of Martyr Kharrazi (Part 4)

martyr hussein kharrazi

Hussein Kharrazi was a distinguished commander of the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps who fell martyr in the course of Iran-Iraq war. During the Operation Karabala-5, when the delivery of food to the troops got disrupted as the enemy’s artillery was firing at its peak capacity, Haj Hussein took it upon himself to resolve the issue, but, as a result of a mortar explosion on February 27, 1987 he fell martyr, joining the army of Imam Hussein (PBUH) in the heaven, his Ashurayi soul becoming a pilgrim of Karbala. He was, upon his own will, buried in the Martyrs’ Section of the graveyard among his basiji fellowship. Following is his recommendations to the soldiers as reflected in his last will.

Addressing the commanders and the troops of Islam:
- We are the soldiers of Imam Hussein (PBUH), so we have to fight like Imam Hussein (PBUH) did. If we are to visit Imam Hussein’s shrine, we must prayer: “O my Allah! Make me live the life of Muhammad and that of his Household; and make my death that of Muhammad and his Household.”
- If we attribute our victories to our own efforts, we are clouding our judgment; and this may well be denial of God.
- If you are fighting for the cause of Allah, you need not report back to me or another. Keep the report to yourself for the Day of Judgment. If it is for Divine purposes, why say it?
- It is in hardships that human beings are tested. Be patient as the world is only transient and we believe in the Hereafter.
- When we go through of hardships is the outcome of disobeying God Almighty, and failure to distinguishing the Halal (lawful) from the haram (unlawful).
- Negligence and dereliction in rituals adversely affect our victories.
- According to the guidelines of the great leader, we are all dutiful to keep up our fight in the battlefield with the current intensity and sacrifice our all [belongings] despite the existing deficiencies, as we only fight because we are obliged to fight to discharge our religious duty, and not to merely achieve victory.
- Our newspapers report on the war exaggeratedly, not truthfully.
- The only issue that concerns me is the war, and I will resolve this issue only at the battlefield.
- We should always keep the memory of the martyrs alive in our minds and look up to them as examples; as the way of the martyrs is the way of the Prophets and only real soldiers are martyred on this way.
- I would like to be humbly among the Basijis (volunteer forces) and listen to them as they confide in me.

Translated by: Sadroddin Musawi

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