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The End of Darkness (Part 3)

imam mahdi (a.s)


The Shia expectation is one which rouses ardour and motivation, and gives hope and life. It is this hope that has not only helped the dynamic Shia society to proceed in its motion in spite of intense oppositions and intolerable sufferings, but has also been an inspiring factor in its advance. This expectation has been the key to its survival and progress. It would be fitting to remove the rust of superstition from this human-nurturing and epic-making principle. So as to show what expectation it is that turns a numb nation into one full of fervour; a dispersed society into a well-organized one; despondent beings into joyful ones; distracted travellers into a steadfast group; violent humanity into a tranquil community; and a futureless history into a history-making morrow.

To become acquainted with the true meaning of this principle, the best authorities to refer to are Shia leaders. Imam Sadiq says:

"Those who live in the expectation of the establishment of the government of the concealed Imam are like those who serve under him, or even like swordsmen in Mahdi's retinue. Nay, I swear to God that they are like martyrs who have offered their lives in the company of the Prophet.”‌

This profound utterance defines the lofty role of expectation, showing that true expectants, like believers at the advent of Islam, should rise resolutely and fervently against the paganism of their time, and endeavor heroically to the extent of martyrdom in preparing the masses to accept a divine and human order.

In this context, another utterance of the same leader throws light on our silence and inactivity, and calls us to the constructiveness of society by saying:

"He who is awaiting for our order (meaning government) is like one who is plunged in his own blood in the way of God."

And we see in the objective-pursuing argument of Imam Reza the remark that:

"The expectation of relief is a part of relief." We realize that an informed Shia should act during the period of expectation as if it were the time of Mahdi's advent. Thus, we understand from the meaning of expectation the depth and worth of this remark that "The loftiest act of my followers is the expectation of relief."

For the same reason, if the fiery epic of expectation is understood properly and introduced to anxious masses, it will result in the blossoming of their young tree of life, so that they would, with a fervent mind and a firm resolution, make a great effort to build up a bright future.

To clarify this point further, you may think of a large army the commander of which owing to a wise necessity., leaves his headquarters, and announces to his army that the time of his return is not certain, but that they should all be ready for fighting, because, on his return, he will issue the order for assault, and begin a victorious war. The alert and capable soldiers, on receiving this instruction, keep themselves always ready to engage in combat with vice and wickedness awaiting for the arrival of the commander and the issuance of his order.

The insolence of the enemy and the large size of its number during this period, make the soldiers more determined to fight, and even though they are awaiting for their commander with tearful eyes, zealous hearts and prayer-whispering lips, they do preserve their ability to combat wrong and falsehood. Such a vigilant and alert group never thinks of dispersion and taking things easy until the commander returns to put the affairs in order. Or let him fight alone to give it victory, or make a personal endeavour to grant itself benefits, or let him enter the battlefield to place the crown of honour on its head, or let him die so that it could live eternally!

It is obvious as to what the consequence of such an attitude would be, and that is why it is said: “A nation that is awaiting for a reformer must itself be honest" The uprising of the Shiites on hearing the name of Mahdi also means being ever ready for his call in order to offer their lives in his way. This preparedness trains them for combat to such an extent that if death, which is the ultimate end of all, separates them from Mahdi, they beg God to bring them back from their graves. And at the time of the reappearance of the Imam, all ready with battle shroud and drawn swords and spears to rush to the aid of Mahdi in towns and villages.

If the Shiites have not been exhausted in the ups and downs of their life span of fourteen centuries, and in the course of the combat with evil, and have constantly entered battlefields as self- sacrificing soldiers ready for every effort to fulfil human ideals, one of its factors has been this positive expectation.

We see that unlike those who seek their glory in past history, true expectants always look upon a bright future and proceed towards it, for, true expectation changes the direction from the past to future.

Briefly, if the Shia expectation is a true one, and if our understanding of this principle is a genuine one. Then we, as a nation, must be honest, and do our utmost, by constant efforts, to fight falsehood, to prepare the ground for Mahdi's uprising. And to acquire the ability for taking part in the last battle in his presence, and in this way look forward, with all our heart and soul, to his advent.

Source: imamalmahdi.com

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