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Parvin: Sympathy with Poor

parvin etesami

When at a party I came across a girl who was wearing a poor dress and didn't intermingle with others, it would rend my heart and cause the tears roll down my cheeks. I felt that the girl is me myself. I would tell myself: “What is the difference between this poor girl and other girls? Why does she have such a fate and others a different one?” These questions always obsessed me, but I couldn't find any answer to them.

A little kid went to a feast

Joined a few kids abreast

One frowned when seeing the kid

Another removed her dress aside in a bid

One pointed to her pants’ patch

Another made fun of her shirt as such

Whispering all together somehow

She heard them all anyhow

Laughs at a broken the heavens, she said

Hence, you make fun of me, lament she made

You won’t realize this wound, for

Snake of misery has not beaten you

My mother has ceased to exist

Didn't caress my with her affectionate hands

Comb of my hears are my fingers

No one has bought a comb for me

No one opened the doors of happiness

One who closed the door hid the key

I was rich last night till morning

For the gems rolling down my cheeks

A mother was kissing her daughter

I wish I could bear this pain

I never experienced the motherly kiss

It was tear kissing my cheeks

Translated by: Sadroddin Musawi

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