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The Superb Morality of the Prophet (PBUM) as Related in the Qur'an

prophet - the model of goodness

In the Quran Allah has revealed that the Prophet (PBUH) possessed the finest morality, and says:

Nun. By the Pen and what they write down! By the blessing of your Lord, you are not mad. You will have a wage which never-fails. Indeed you are truly vast in character. So you will see and they will see which of you is mad. Your Lord knows best who is misguided from His Way and He knows best those who are guided. (Surat al-Qalam: 1-7)

Allah also revealed in that verse that the Prophet (PBUH) was a tireless toiler on His path. That demonstrates that he always displayed a pleasing morality, never departing from the way of Allah.


As the Prophet (PBUH)'s words

"The most perfect believer in respect of faith is he who is best of them in manners."

Make clear, morality is one the most important components of true faith. It is therefore an important religious duty to learn about and practice the very best examples of it.


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