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Mohammad Reza ATASHZAD

He was born in Isfahan; Iran in 1958 is a well-recognized artist throughout Iran as well as abroad in watercolor painting.

His degree from Isfahan School of Fine Arts and National University of Iran in Tehran as an architect has been followed by twenty five years of tremendous amount of work, travel, research and observation of different works providing him with first-hand knowledge and understanding of the advanced approach and technique in his watercolor works.

Atashzad has served for 25 years in his own academy of Arts in Tehran, teaching his enthused students, his own exceptional techniques in design and watercolor, in his long and distinguished career.

He has also published more than one hundred postal cards and posters in a very delicate and artistic style, as well as 5 collections of his selected works. Moreover he has held over 60 individual and group exhibitions in Iran and abroad.

In his vibrant and spectacular images of art creation, light is amply employed for the expression of internal phenomena, and a fleeting emotional experience is mirrored by each of his works with the haste required by watercolor painting. His paintings depict his deep emotions and feelings of love and passion, making him a very well known and popular artist.

Atashzad is a man of enormous talent and significantly different from others as his creations are at a cross between reality and poetic imagination, where at times is difficult to differentiate between the two.


A Voice in Full Bloom

Dreaming of Love

Warm glow of Memories

Union of Passion

Sound of Spring

Excitement of Blooming

Fresh recurrence

Melody of living

Joined in Love

Mirror of Fire

The Elegant Gate

The Sunshine in a Smile

A Sense of Whisper

A Charming Banquet

Bright Flight

Bright Morning

Beauty Space

The dance of spring

The Garden of wishes

The Desirable time

Empty Passage

The Birth of Light

Silky Moonlight

Birth Celebration


The Border of Awareness

The Cradle of Repose


Chehel Stun

Journey in Time


Nocturnal Rhapsody

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