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Parvin and Love – 2

parvin etesami

One day a friend of mine asked me: “Have you fallen in love in your childhood too?”

My friend’s question shocked me and I just bowed my head down with shy. I didn't like at all to answer her question. The love of my childhood was a secret I had kept up to then and hadn't disclosed to anybody. Nevertheless, I said: “Honestly, I don't know if it can be called a love or not! The sweet taste of those days has still remained in my memory. This memory always burns me. Some times it makes me cry and on times raises a poetic excitement and pang in me. Without any doubt it was the very love of the childhood that turned me into a poetess. My love was different with all other loves. My love wasn't terrestrial or earthly and didn't belong to the earth at all. Probably I have never fallen in love in the sense we know love. But you cannot find a poet who has not fallen in love. As a poet I am definitely in love. But the love I approve of and I know.”

Smiling, my friend said: “In my opinion, in adolescence and youthhood too love can be pure and clean.”

I cast a glance at her surprisingly and told her unsatisfactorily, “No! I don’t guess it is so. The love of childhood is something else.” And my friend didn't say anything else.

Translated by: Sadroddin Musawi

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