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Barbie as a Model? Part 2


Face of Barbie is too exaggerated to be real in one person even with the best surgeon on board so the girls and women who love the Barbie will stick in an eternally unreachable dream. Nudity, consuming and materialism are three elements propagated by the shiny clothes on Barbie. Barbie tries to extend the American culture among the youth of the other civilizations through her glorious clothes.

Through her materialist and leisure-wanting personality, Barbie teaches girls to develop their material aspect and thus ignore the spiritual one. She is a teacher who indirectly wants her students to forget the crowd of hungry children and only think of fancy clothes and life and regard consuming as a proved value. They learn how to enjoy every moment of their life and only live to enjoy.

Friendship of Barbie with Ken

In 1961 the Motel Company produced the handsome brown head Ken as the boyfriend of Barbie when encouraging friendship with boys became a part of Barbie's duty. The illegal long term friendship of Barbie and Ken with her long hair, bikinis and dances are examples of sexual behavior in west for which Barbie a propagator. Barbie is not alone on this and hundreds of dolls and animation personalities accompany her on this road.

Translated by: Sadroddin Musawi

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